Janet Walker not only writes fictional prose.  As the product of a music-loving family, she also sings and creates melodies and lyrics--with one big difference:  While her fiction is for adults only, most of her songs are for children.

...But not the first song that follows. Its sophisticated harmony, a tune borrowed from another songwriter, might appeal more to adults, but we use it here to demonstrate Ms. Walker's ability to sing.

"In all of these videos*, my voice is the only one you hear--even when you hear two or three voices.  I used my phone and laptop recorders to make the double and triple recordings--and in the "Boyfriend, Best Friend" video, in part two of the video, I even try to imitate musical instruments." -- JW


"Whenever I construct anything for children, I shut off the side of my brain that writes my stories--the adult muse.

I am a firm advocate of protecting the innocence of youth.  I was able to grow up with that precious protection, and I believe all children should have the same blessed opportunity." -- J. Walker

* PARENTS, NOTE:  Rather than visit the Breland website, children can access these songs on the YouTube channel called TheJanWalker.