First carousel: Buoyant, doe-eyed actress Leslie Uggams with a 1960s updo. The 1950s stewardess look. Eiffel Tower and towering eyeful. Actress Dorothy Dandridge. Swirling skirt. Fur elegance. Attitude on the runway. Henry Clarke collection. Actress Audrey Hepburn in a memorable hat. Sexy slouch. Singer Toni Braxton in bubbles. Waiting for him. Fabulous approach of the Eiffel. Advertisement for Swansdown swing coat. Barbra Streisand album cover. Second carousel: Quintessential Toni. Their world. The model Dovima. Stepping off the curb. Live mannequin in front of store. Depot swing coat. Live mannequin In front of store. Henry Clarke collection. Fabulous approach of the Eiffel. That hat! Vintage in a bubble. Fabulous back. Strutting her stuff. Her world. Reflections.

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Coretta Scott King

Video provided by YouTube channel Jeff Quitney.

Photo above by Henry Clarke, 1961

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

Michelle Robinson Obama

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Toni' s Vintage!

Video provided by YouTube channel BellisVintage.  Music by Miles Davis.

Who (or what) is Toni Breland?

Toni is a symbol of the high fashion that was dominant during the late 1940s, entire 1950s, and early 1960s.   This era is noted for its striking, international haute couture images and its emphasis on overtly feminine fashions.  These decades also promoted the version of ladyhood seen in the wardrobes of such prominent women as Coretta Scott King, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, and model Suzy Parker, a favorite subject of iconic fashion photographer Henry Clarke (whose work is featured in some of the photos above).  The Toni philosophy supports the belief that, contrary to the thinking of too many designers today, a woman’s sex appeal often finds best expression when she is artfully draped rather than when she is overly exposed. 

Never Goes Out of Style


Who is Toni Breland ?

Suzy Parker, model.  Photo by Henry Clarke.

Displaying Good Manners