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"A touching portrayal of class, color and sexual divisions. -- Amazon.com Kindle review

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Desire of Ovid’s Mother
A play by Janet Walker

The audio is a reading of the final version of the script—the June 2015 script—available now at all major on-line book sellers.



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Original photo: Delmar Photography. Model: Crystal Bailey.

Five Stars!

from Roberta Branner,

Amazon.com reader review


Five Stars

"Absorbing sketch.
As a white person, I cannot claim any true insight into the reality of the characters in this play but I felt that these people were real and authentic. "
- Sidney Weber, reader revie

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Her son’s death was unnatural.

Is her desire?


References from Greek and Roman mythology touch African America

When sorority woman and lawyer’s wife Elyse Anderson, still as beautiful at 50 as she was in her youth, loses her son Ovid to suicide, she sets out on a mission to find out why.

She befriends her son’s last girlfriend, 34-year-old Shirelle Justice, a dutiful janitor, night-shift cashier and single mother who seems to harbor the truth about Ovid’s reason for killing himself.

What begins as a search for truth about her son's death becomes, for Elyse, the discovery of a profound truth about herself--and an encounter with a killer.

(Names are pronounced eh-LEESE and AH-vid.)