"Whenever I construct anything for children, I shut off the side of my brain that writes my stories--the adult muse.

I am a firm advocate of protecting the innocence of youth.  I was able to grow up with that precious protection, and I believe all children should have the same blessed opportunity." -- J. Walker

Historical, Inspiring, Fashionable Women

* PARENTS, NOTE:  Rather than visit the Breland website, children can access these songs on the YouTube channel called TheJanWalker.

"In all of these videos, my voice is the only one you hear--even when you hear two or three voices.  I don't use fancy software programs that layer voices. Instead, I use the basic audio recorder on my phone, and then on my laptop, to sing along with myself and make the double and triple recordings. The results don't have professional polish, but they make the point." -- JW





The following 50-states video has received  more than 400, 000  authentic , unsolicited YouTube views!  Children all over the United States, and from countries such as New Zealand, communicate with TheJanWalker about this video's song. Many thank her for helping them to make A's on geography exams!


Fun Singing Exercises


As the product of a music-loving family, Janet Walker also creates melodies and lyrics. And while she writes fiction only for adults, many of her songs are directed at children, and all of her songs are safe for children.