Chapter 35  A song with a strident sound that defines Grace's dynamic training program.

These two songs play as Grace dresses for work.


The song that a music legend sings at Grace and Darrel's wedding.

Amazed By Her Grace

Chapter 48 What they hear as Grace makes breakfast for Tracy.

Two songs that define, in the author's mind, the powerful scene between Grace and Charmaine that we don't see.

Part I, Chapter 9  Tracy and her P.E. classmates exercise to this song.

The song to which Tracy and Grace waltz (and which describes the wholesome impact Grace has made on Tracy's life).

Part II, Chapter 1  The song that awakens Grace in the mornings.

Chapter 46 Tracy and Grace exercise to this music--and it defines, in some ways, Tracy's feelings for Miz Grace.

Chapter 44 Possibly the song that moves Grace as she and Tracy play Scrabble.

The song that ignites Grace's workout session (and serves as her anthem).

Part II, Chapter 10  An example of the type of song Grace hears in Dr. Curtis's office.


Chapter 72 The two songs the author used to construct Charmaine Miller's interior landscape. The first describes the core of her spirit, the Charmaine who existed before she became a minister. (Please be warned: The song contains a few profane words.) The second song describes the undying loyalty and self-sacrificing love Charmaine has for Grace.

What Grace hears as she prepares her bath that evening.

Chapter 56 An example of the type of song Darrel listens to as he ponders Grace.

Chapter 67  What Madge listens to--and what Tracy overhears and misinterprets--as Madge cooks dinner.

Chapter 43 The song the author hears as Tracy and Grace drive away for their first "date."

Part I, Chapter 6  Tracy hears this as she walks through Ariel Place.

The Jag's radio delivers this as Grace drives home to Darrel.

Hear the music that moves Grace,

Tracy, Darrel and Madge!


A second song that does the same thing.

Chapter 66   A song the author believes plays softly in the den as Grace and Charmaine confess over wine.

Part I, Chapter 10  One of the many songs Tracy uses to cope with life as Diane's daughter.

Part I, Chapter 1  One of Tracy Sullivan's favorite songs.

 Chapter 41  A song that plays as Diane cooks--and the meaning of which Tracy misunderstands.

Chapter 59  What Grace hears as she drives home (and a song that describes both Grace's and Wanda Carver's longing for maternal affection).

Part II, Chapter 4  Grace and Darrel's song.

Part II, Chapter 2  Grace listens to these two songs as she drives from work one day.


The next song almost defines the wine-and-confession scene, although the author didn't discover it until two years after the novel was first published. Intriguingly, the song bears the same title as the targeted chapter and features a singer who is a background character in the novel.