At The Toni Breland Agency, we esteem

elegant vintage fashions, as well as

fiction created by a woman,

but we do something more:

We applaud a woman's freedom to defy

career expectations

and to find joy in being what she truly wants to be,

whether that be artist, CEO, wife or maintenance worker.

Indeed, to the fashion model whose head is filled with

sports statistics,

to the gentle lady who drives a truck,

to the female pipe fitter who can't wait to throw on her heels

and hit the town with her man,

Toni Breland says,

"Be you."



(PLEASE NOTE:  Because the author cares deeply about the morality of children, she strongly encourages others, especially parents, to know that her fiction is not appropriate for minors.)

The Toni Breland Agency


"Put your family obligations first, but when that is you! "

- Janet Walker


Janet M. Walker
Mother, writer, editor and, later in life,
cross-country big-rig driver.

Photo at the top: 1950s American actress Dorothy Dandridge.

The Toni Breland Agency, an on-line entity emanating from Atlanta, Georgia, promotes the creative efforts of African American writer Janet Walker.  In this role, the agency promotes Miss Walker's books (for adults) and songs (for parents and children), and it celebrates classic, vintage styles from the era of 1950s Paris. These styles (which Walker admires on others) are pictured on this website and, to some degree, adorn three of her fictional characters. At the same time, the Breland agency encourages respectful discourse about the fascinating and complex aspects of women's choices, a major theme in Miss Walker's fiction.

Put simply, we applaud positive male-female interactions, inspiring women’s fiction, and elegant vintage fashions!



We promote the creative ideas of Georgia writer and trucker Janet Walker,

including her fabricated fashion symbol Toni Breland

and her most popular works,

the three-book e-novel Amazed By Her Grace,

which has received authentic praise from readers across the country,

and her newest work, the handy pocket guide

What You Didn't Learn In Trucking School: The Trucker's Little Book of Etiquette

(Word Garden Publishing, 2020).

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2870 Peachtree Rd., Ste. 510
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